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"Where The Rivers Run" - New CD!

"Where The Rivers Run" - an album about the love that flows in & out of our lives...over the course of our life time.  These songs are CERTAIN to minister to you, as ponder the beauty, power and haunting...that love brings to our lives!

The Season Of Love - CD

"The Season Of Love" the outward expression of an inward journey. It's the longing of my heart, my deepest sorrows & joys. These songs are "my babies", and it's now time to share them with the world, and let them grow. They are my pride and joy!

"My Greatest Need" - CD

The songs on "My Greatest Need" are some of my earliest inspirations. Many of the songs speak about my walk with the Lord - the mountains and valleys we've gone through together. Other's touch on human relationships, separation and loss. My hope is that these songs will touch your heart and bless your life.