From the recording "All Of The Praise"

God began to give me this song in 1996. I remember working on the lyrics while delivering pizza for "Godfathers" (one of my many day/night jobs). As I drove from house to house, I would scribble down lyric ideas. It took a while to figure out the bridge ("All my sorrows are before you"...). The bridge is always the toughest, but so rewarding once you've crossed it.


I've been blessed all my - life God's given me so much joy - at times I must confess - I haven't done my best to thank the Lord for all He's done for me

Chorus: I'm gonna give You all of the praise - from now till the end of my days - all that I have is Yours...You have set my mind at ease - need you to walk by my side - need you to take all my pride - oh won't You fill me up...with Your grace that flows from a heart of love

V2 - Looking back I can see - all the times You were there - watching over me - waiting patiently...I was so blind and unaware
Bridge - All sorrows are before You - and my past I leave behind - now that I can see - Your love sets me free - I want it constantly...for now and alway