New Album - "Where The Rivers Run"

Very thankful to announce the wonderful blessing...of having a New Album in my life!  What a ride it has been, writing & recording "Where The Rivers Run" :-)


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My name is Michael Tolf, and I've been writing & sharing my music...since I was 18 years old.  Once I discovered I had the "songwriting gift", it's been the passion that has fueled my soul, for 30+years, now :-)

I've been in the studio for the past YEAR 1/2, making my third album/"Where The Rivers Run"...and, I'm SO Excited and blessed to share it with the world!  I'm so proud of my talented friends, who joined me in making this album/season of my life, so very special.

I've shared my music in a variety of places: Colleges, Churches, Coffee Houses...various music venues - and, I hope to expand my opportunities with my latest project, which is more "Mainstream" than my first two albums.

I'm a very Spiritual person - and, I write songs about: Love, Friendship, Romance, Loss of love, the state of the world...whatever God puts on my heart to write about.

Some of my musical heroes & influences are: Sting (my all time fave), Paul Simon, Tracy Chapman, Michael W. Smith, Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, U2.  I love great story tellers, and seek to do the same with my music.

I will FOREVER be writing...and seeking a venue to share my tunes.

Lastly, but certainly NOT least - I'm blessed to share my life, on a daily basis with my wonderful wife, Jennifer & our two kitties, Odin & Carmelita :-)


Booking Michael Tolf... -

More than anything heart wants to connect with people, through my music.  And, my main goal, always - is to GET THE SONGS TO THE PEOPLE...and, put on a good, professional concert.

I've been compensated anywhere from $50.00 - $500.00, over the course of 30 years, playing various venues - and, I will always work with the budget a venue has for me. 

Sometimes, I share my songs, by myself.  Other times, I'm able to bring a band, or portions of a band.

I've played for honorariums, offerings, tips, a percentage of sales...etc etc.  And, my desire is to play MORE & MORE...til my time on earth is done, and all that's left - is the music & memories I've left behind.

My songs are "my children", and I want to give them as many opportunities to grow & bless people, as possible.

I am kind, professional and funny.  I will put on a good show for you!