Ever feel like God isn't there? Funny how we often think that, when we're in pain. It took me eight years to finish this tune. It was a very insightful eight years.


When all the others fade away - I will hold your hand and say - I have always been the One - God's own very son.

When you're lost and all alone - when you wish you had a home - I'll reach out my hand to you - there's nothing I won't do

Chorus: Cause I love you tonight - like I loved you back then - when I held you in my eyes - how I long to call you friend...don't let it end

There will be times you'll be afraid - will be times you'll lose your way - but like I've always said before - my heart's an open door

Music change & response

If I reach out to you will you be there - if I reach out to you...would you even care?
I have loved and lost before - don't think I can take much more - will you be the bridge for me...set me free

If I up and give my heart away - will you come to me and never stray? - loneliness is all around - loneliness can bring you down - still I'm longing to believe...to receive

Bridge: Just one touch and I'll be free - from these chains that follow me - I've heard this story once before - how Your love came down...and offered so much more

If I reach out to you will you be there - if I reach out to you would you even care?

Would you even care?
Yes you know that I'll be there
Will you hold me day and night?
Yes, I'll always treat you right

Then I'll give my heart away...
And believe You when you say...
You love me