From the recording "I Can Reach Out To You"

I wrote this song around 1994, and was very excited about it, because it was the first song I'd written on my guitar. I figured out the chords/rhythm while strolling through "Life Care Center" of Mt. Vernon. I was the activity assistant there, and often sang the popular songs of the 20's - 50's to the residents. The rhythm/chords were fun to play and God quickly gave me the lyrics. There's nothing like receiving inspiration from above!


So many times I've tried to figure it out - why I do what I do - I keep wanting start anew

Though I may not like the way that I live - though I desire a change - it's the same old part of me...that still remains

Chorus: I can reach out to You - it's the best thing that I can do - when I'm lost at sea Your love can carry me

I can reach out to You - when I'm in need of someone who can turn me around to see their point of view...I can reach out to You

V2 - Listening to the voice inside of my head - the one that wants me to fail - I try to push it out...but to no avail

If I think that just by doing my best - I can get anywhere - it doesn't take long to's not fair