From the recording "Where The Rivers Run"

"Where The Rivers Run" is dedicated to my wonderful brother in law, Max Dudley...who sadly left the earth too early, due to cancer. I think of Max, daily, and look forward to seeing him, soon...where the rivers run :-)


When darkness covers me - and I can barely see three feet in front of me - you take my hand

I walk with you through fields - tulips and daffodils - my heart it stops and thrills along the way

Remembr'ing days gone by - that sparkle in your eye - would always make me smile...would make me cry

And now that you are gone - these memories linger on - I'll find you in a song and fly away

Chorus: So I'll go...where the rivers run - I know you'll be waiting there for me - and you and I will stay right here forever

Yes I'll go where my heart belongs - I know I'm safe here in your arms - and you and I will stay right here - forever

V3 - So live your life out loud - go make your father proud - His strength resides in you...his wisdom too. We have a choice to make - so please don't hesitate - heaven and hell won't wait another day