1. "Be My King"

From the recording "Be My King"

Inspired one early morning...back in 2003. This tune was very fun to write, play and sing! And, I was especially happy of the jazz chords, I found, at the end! :-)


Early in the morning - I raise my weary head - and I'll come before You - kneel beside my bed - how I long to praise You...lift Your name on high

Chorus: You are more than life to me - You are the very air I breathe - You are living deep inside of me...oh Lord, sweet Jesus - won't you come and be my king

Coming to your table - longing for some bread - deserving condemnation - receiving grace instead - oh You fill my cup Lord...and, it overflows
Extended: You are life and breathe and praise - You are with me throughout my days - You are everything I need...oh Lord sweet Jesus...won't You come and be my king
Bridge: how I need Your love - to lift me to that place - where I can raise my hands...and feel Your warm embrace
Improv - oh sweet Jesus come and be my king - oh sweet Jesus give me everything - oh sweet Jesus you are salt and light - I'm gonna praise You with all my might

Oh sweet Jesus come and be my king!