1. "His Mercy"

From the recording "His Mercy"

Sometime around 1994, I received a phone call from a local pastor, who asked me if I'd ever written a song about losing a loved one. You see, there was this young couple in his church who tragically lost their baby at birth, and the church was having a special memorial service for this couple's child.

I told the pastor that I had not written such a song, but just then, remembered that I had scribbled down a lyric/chord idea that very morning - that might grow into such a song. I told the Pastor I'd call him back if I felt God was giving me this song specifically for this moment in time. I went back to the piano and looked at what I had written down...."You left before we had the chance to say good-bye". Wow, I thought. As I sat down at the piano, I asked God to once again, give me the words He wanted me to share. The song was done in two days. This is how God, works.


You left before we had the chance to say good-bye - and so we're telling you right now - It hasn't been easy living without you...for we never heard your new born cry

Your mother and I - well you know we had so much fun - preparing the nursery - but now it just haunts us whenever we walk by - for it's now a dark and lonely room

Chorus: God never leaves us alone - His mercy always is true - though you're not here with us - your memory is here to stay...Oh Lord please see us through

V3 - How does one wake up and face another day - knowing that a part of you is gone - how do we make sense of all that's come our way - it's by our faith that we stay strong