1. "Cover Me"

From the recording "Cover Me"

I occasionally write on my acoustic guitar...this song was one of those moments. Certainly, this tune was unconsciously inspired by my divorce...and, the healing that has followed.


Sunday morning came and you were gone
I sat down to write this song
How do I explain where we went wrong...cover me

I could tell you bout' the dreams we had
All the things that made us sad
The past is over now - I guess I'm glad...cover me

Wanting to let go - but you're the only one I know

Chorus: Cover me...come set me free

V2 - Another night falls down - and I'm alone - just me and my guitar at home - don't want the TV - I don't want the phone...cover me

Maybe I'll just go and lie in bed - take a walk and try to clear my head - either way it's still the same I'm dead...cover me

Trying to let go - but the heart of you lives in my soul

Bridge - when I want you...when I need you...gotta let it go (3x)

V3 - guess it's time to lay this burden down - take a listen to that sweet soft sound - I'll go to the place Your grace is found...cover me

Learning to let go - cause You're the One who loves me so