From the recording "This Suffering"

Originally written in 1992 - this song came back into my life/consciousness, during them making of this album. I re-wrote the verses, to make the song, stronger...the band thought it was a powerful/sad story, and needed to be on this project. The response, from people, has been powerful.


Today I had to face the truth - that you were gone though just a youth - you let life slip right through your hands...I don't understand.

Still I have to bear the pain - through the driving wind/freezing rain - I must stay strong although you're gone...I must carry on.

Chorus: In my life I found - when you were around - you made my heart to sing - if it's true you're gone - Lord lead me on...for I can't take this suffering

Why did you have to go - the reasons I still don't know - were your burdens just too much to bear...I was unaware

Overcome with all your fears - the weight of all those broken years - you left me nothing here to read...oh how my heart bleeds.

Bridge - why you had to go and leave me - I still don't know - were you scared to open up and let your feelings show - did you not know that I was here to be your friend...will I ever see you, again?