From the recording "Love Rain Down"

We really struggled finding the right "groove" for this tune. Fortunately - I was saved, one morning, while watching "Live At Daryl Halls House". He, his house band & musical guest - were playing "I Can't Go For That"!! I realized...hmmm? This could be a nice groove for "Love Rain Down" :-)


Chorus: Love - love rain down (4x)

Love rain over me like a river to the sea
You're the sweetest thing I'll ever need
Like an ocean breeze - I'm blowing in the wind - love is coming back again (coming back to heal our land)

Love rain over me - wash away my tears
I did my time in those sad years
Now my heart is free - free to praise Your name...I'll never be the same (let Your spirit ever reign)

Bridge: I need your love - your sweet love...