1. "I Wonder Why"

From the recording "I Wonder Why"

This song was born out of a sadness in heart, as I look out into the world. Events like 9/11, and others, that make me think...what would life be like without love, and why do so many people go through the motions of life, without the knowledge that they are loved...by God?

I can only...wonder why.


All the things I've heard - all the things I've seen - they make me buckle down and cry - looking all around - looking at this world...who will keep our dreams alive?

With the touch of heaven the baby came - sweet Hosanna we proclaim - rocking Him so gently how could we know - how far His love would go

Chorus: I wonder why - why so many people live their lives - not knowing the truth that satisfies - not knowing that love will never die

V2- If I had one wish - if I had one plea - I'd pray please help me see - remove my mask - take all my greed - meet me here on bended knee - In this world of torment -world of pain - He bore my guilt He bore my shame - giving himself freely to save us all...will we hear His call?