From the recording "Come Fly Away"

Written for my wife, Jennifer...whom I met, ballroom dancing - in Bellingham, WA/2009 :-)


Sometimes I see your face so clearly - I long to hold you near it our time?

Love is an ember slowly burning - and if our hearts are yearning...will we survive?

Like the ocean waves that roar - my heart wants you - let's cast off from this shore - make dreams come true

Dancing together soft and tender - I'll raise white flag surrender...I'm in a trance - taking your hand I'll lead you slowly - my eyes are on you only...lost in romance

We move we strut we glide...the world is ours - so put your hand in mine - we'll touch the stars

Chorus: Yes I'll go with you - across the moonlit sky - I want to fly away with you - wanting more from life - then simple sacrifice - I want to fly away with you...away with you

Then when the storm turns dead against us - we feel that strong resistance...November rain

We will hold on - we'll find our shelter - with the Father's love forever...guiding our way - so come the temptest storm - come the dark night - I'll hold you safe and warm...til morning light

Repeat Chorus
There's got to be a way - somewhere a brighter day...I want to fly away with you

Wanting more from life - than simple sacrifice - I want to fly away with you...away with you