1. "Dear Lord"

From the recording "Dear Lord"

Well - here we are "at the beginning"
I don't remember where I was, when I started writing this tune - but, it was quite clear that "Dear Lord", would be the first track, on this, my first album :-)
As I sit here, now, in 2018...I'm amazed at how rocky/twisty turn'y - the journey has been.
"Dear Lord - you know me...and You can understand" Thank you, Jesus!


<Sometimes it's hard for me to know - the way that I should go - which way to turn - from the lessons that I learn
And yes it's hard - when my future is oh so unclear - when I'm down...I say this prayer
Chorus: Dear Lord - You know me - and You can understand - the way I feel inside - the confusion that I have
Dear Lord - You see me - and You are the One - so here I am again - asking that Your will be done
V2 - At times I feel - my life is so unreal - the face you see - it isn't really me
For though it seems - I'm living a life that's full of joy - deep in my heart...is an empty void